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              1. Zhejiang Golden Orchid Autoparts Co., Ltd was found at 2011 which was Hangzhou Golden Leaf Crankshaft Co., Ltd establised at 1998 , now with 33000 square meters and 0.15 billion CNY total assets. The company forcus on development, producing, selling, and service of crankshafts. Recently, we purchased several sets of machining center like crankshaft granding machine,Gruber horizontal machining center,crankshaft medium frequency quenching machine,numerial controled flange drilling machine and ZEISS CMM.We have one passenger vehcile crankshaft producing line and three truck crankshaft producing lines with products like Volvo TD120, Man D series, Benz OM series and Iveco , totally over 30 kinds of crankshafts.The liter including from 1.0 to 13, and we could produce more than 250000 pcs yearly.The Gruber horizontal machining center mainly produce special shaped parts like gear block,precision parts and so on.

                Product By Category

                ensure maximum strength and durability. We offer a complete line of Small and Big-Block Chevy, Ford, Chrysler, Pontiac, Honda and many more in both I-Beam and H-Beam designs.

                Test equipment

                There are many kinds of testing equipment, there are many factories commonly used testing equipment, measuring equipment including caliper, balance, RBI machine, in addition to quality analysis instruments, testing equipment, testing equipment and other packaging material detection is also common. In the packaging process is more common in the packaging material detector, metal detection equipment, non metal detection equipment and non-destructive testing equipment, etc..

                Production strength

                The best running production capacity refers to the fixed assets established under the conditions of production equipment, there is a minimum cost per unit of product makes the amount of production, the production is the best operating production equipment production capacity.

                E-mail : jlqclbj166@126.com

                There is a need to be able to contact us with your email address.